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Physicians Preferred Pet CBD Tincture - 250mg (For Small Breeds <30lb)


Give your furry companion the gift of wellness with Physicians Preferred Pet CBD Tincture - 250mg, specially formulated for smaller breeds weighing under 30lbs. Infused with the goodness of hemp seed oil, this tincture offers a gentle and effective way to support your pet's overall well-being, while also promoting healthy coats.


Key Features:


  • Tailored for Smaller Breeds: Physicians Preferred Pet CBD Tincture is carefully crafted for pets weighing under 30lbs. The 250mg CBD concentration is ideal for smaller dogs, offering a mild yet impactful dose that supports their unique wellness needs.


  • Hemp Seed Oil Base for Health and Coat: Formulated with hemp seed oil, this tincture provides a natural source of essential fatty acids that contribute to your pet's overall health and the luster of their coat. Hemp seed oil's nutritional benefits extend to both inside and out.


  • Gentle and Effective: With 250mg of CBD, this tincture offers a gentle and effective approach to pet wellness. Whether your furry friend needs occasional support or is just starting their CBD journey, this tincture provides a suitable option.


  • Supportive Wellness: CBD's potential benefits for pets are enhanced by the properties of hemp seed oil, contributing to a sense of calm, overall balance, and a vibrant coat. Experience the potential of this natural combination.


  • Easy Administration: The included dropper makes dosing simple and accurate. Incorporate the Pet CBD Tincture into your pet's daily routine by adding it to their food, treats, or directly into their mouth.


  • Quality Assurance: Physicians Preferred is committed to delivering top-tier CBD products for pets. Our CBD is molecularly distilled, ensuring purity and consistency in every batch.


Prioritize your pet's well-being with Physicians Preferred Pet CBD Tincture - 250mg. Offer your furry friend a gentle and effective way to experience the potential benefits of CBD, paired with the nutritional advantages of hemp seed oil for overall health and a radiant coat.

Pet CBD: Small Breed Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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  • The suggested serving is 1 full dropper per day, placed under the tongue for maximum absorption. Most customers elect to either take the supplement in the morning or in the evening.

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