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At Physicians Preferred our mission is to consciously craft CBD oils and CBD topicals that help individuals with their health & wellness goals. We are constantly partnering with like minded-brands who share the same values and who are as dedicated as us to the integrity and quality of anything they produce.

New and ongoing partnerships include:

Brewing Life Kombucha

Miami’s Premium Kombucha

Handcrafted with organic ingredients, raw vegan, and gluten-free

Like us, Brewing Life prides themselves on their high quality offering. Co-founders Daniel and Erika step outside the traditional black tea and fruit buchas by blending medicinal herbs, roots, and berries into their brews.

Their Kombuchas can be found at 18+ retailers (including Love Life Cafe, Beat Culture, and Mima Market) and at local farmers markets. They now have an online shop offering local (South Florida) delivery.

Brewing Life uses Physicians Preffered CBD in their Hemp Kombucha which they have

released in Jasmine Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Goji and Ginger/Lemon/Turmeric flavors.


Courtney's Cookies

Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Low-Glycemic, Nutrient Dense… and absolutely delicious!

Courtney’s Cookies was born when founder Courtney accidentally reinvented the cookie in her kitchen using the absolute highest quality ingredients. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Courtney works to raise awareness about the quality of the food we consume. Through Courtney’s Cookies, she has been able to continue that mission and prove that healthy, nutritious food can and does taste incredible.

Courtney’s Cookies uses our CBD tinctures in two of their cookies:

Their Night Night cookies in Vanilla Lavender Flavor (50mg of CBD) and their Chill Out cookies in Chocolate Chip Flavor (25mg of CBD)

Their cookies are available at Farmers Markets, for delivery around Miami (delivery fees apply), AND for shipment ACROSS THE COUNTRY!



Local, artisan coffee & wellness beverages

XO Espresso Bar is a mobile cart serving locally roasted coffee, handcrafted by passionate baristas. They offer high quality coffee with the upmost service. Their currently locations include Icon Brickell and Lincoln Eatery!

XO Espresso Bar uses Physcians Preferred CBD in their CBD infused coffee.


Rebirth Elixirs

Ancient Drinks Reborn

Raw, Organic, Vegan & %100 Biodegradable Bottles

Rebirth Elixirs infuses 50mg of our CBD oil in their Hibiscus CBD elixir.


Pamela Wasabi

of Amla Miami - A Miami-based Vegan and Gluten-Free bakery

Pamela Wasabi uses Physicians Prefferred CBD in vegan, gluten-free, brownies


Past collaborations include:

Plant Miami (at The Sacred Space Miami) - CBD infused cocktails

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